PPC Training In Hyderabad

Ppc training means pay per click training. Now a days, people who are surfing the internet has increased exponentially and a new digital marketing concept ( pay per click ) is developed. The career options for pay per click PPC is also increasing day by day. If you are looking forward for a career as PPC ( pay per click) your best choice will be shinecoe­ The best PPC training institute in

If you are looking for a regular informative PPC training course that gives general idea about the PPC training, our PPC training course may not be your best choice. But if you are intrested to give a head start to your career in pay per click field, then our ppc  training course in hyderabad is the best. We offer two types of PPC Training

1.  PPC Training – Classroom Program

2.Online PPC Training.

Our online ppc training is specially designed for the people who cannot attend the classroom PPC Training , but still have immense interest to start a career in pay per click.

Benefits of PPC

1.  1st page Google business listing. Guaranteed!

2.  Generate leads and/or sales faster with Google AdWords Pay­Per­Click Advertising.

3.  Drive targeted traffic to your website instantly.

4.  Daily budget control.

5.  Reach buyers at the exact moment when they’re looking for you.

6.  Pay ONLY for clicks – When a buyer views your ad, you don’t pay nothing.

7.  Stay in constant control of your marketing budget

8.  Increase local visibility

9.  Maximize the return on your marketing investment

PPC Training Course Introduction

•       An Introduction to pay per click marketing

•       Pay Per Click Campaign Preparation

•       An Introduction to Google AdWords

•       How to Set Up an AdWords Account

•       Adwords Targeting & Placement

•       AdWords Bidding and Budgeting

•       Keyword Research for PPC Campaigns, Traffic Estimator Tool

•       AdCopy Research & Creation

•       Landing Page Creation for PPC Campaigns

•       PPC Campaign Conversion & ROI Measurement

•       Adwords & Google Analytics

•       Create reports for PPC

 Creating First Campaign

•       Understanding purpose of Campaign

•       Account Limits in Adwords

•       Location and Language Settings

•       Networks and Devices

•      Bidding and Budget

•     Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling

•      Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping

•       Demographic bidding (Display Only)

•       Social settings (Display Only)

•       Automatic campaign optimization (Display Only)

Why Should I DO Google PPC Course?

•       PPC is one of the best methods of direct marketing online.

•       PPC results are quicker as compared to SEO operations

•       Google Advertising program is the leader in Pay Per Click programs

•       Highly Paid Jobs

•       Beneficial to Business Owners who want to do Online Marketing Themselves